Should You Use Air Detoxifyng Plants In Your Home? 

People feel safe in their homes but the truth is they are not as the pollutants in the air in your lovely homes are one of the biggest problems today, there are some changes which seem little but bring big changes 


Do you know what pollutes the air inside your homes? some of the products that you use for instance perfumes, fireplaces,  molds, cleaning detergents, pesticides, smoking, dust and much more. 

Now you seem a little too worried let’s not think too much and focus on some smalls changes that we can bring  to breathe without worrying and to bring these small changes you would require to ditch some products 

Now that we are talking about ditching lets start from ditching some fresheners that you use to make the smell go away. 

Throwing your freshener out of your home is one of the first baby steps there are some companies who provide a list of ingredients on their websites on the demand but they too do not tell about what all is used to create that fragrance and to let you know that’s where the danger starts from, dozens of harmful chemicals are use to create that amazing fragrance 

As per EPA these fresheners are full of petroleum-distillates, p-dichlorobenzene, formaldehyde, and a lot of aerosol-propellants 

Now you may question that why am I telling you about these ingredients then let me answer this to for us as these harmful chemicals which cause skin, throat, and eye irritations 

Now that you are ditching your freshener you still need something so that your home can have a soothing fragrance for it you can use some indoor plants even NASA states that indoor plants can reduce chemicals in the air, they say that the roots of the plants and the microorganisms that the plants have are on the paths to remove chemicals henceforth they can play a very important role in kicking the chemical out of your house. 

You can buy some plants like a lily, aloe vera, daisy (gerbera, florist) snake plant, mass cane and weeping fig 

All of these are amazing when it comes to reducing chemicals as it filters a lot of chemicals like benzene, trichloroethylene, toluene, xylene and brings a very nice fragrance to your home 

 Other than buying these plants you can follow some rules as well 

Some rules like keep all the shoes out, buy detergents which are unscented, reduce dry cleaning your clothes and if all your clothes need dry cleaning then go for the organic one, carpets are full of toxics henceforth now you know what you need to do with your carpet and if you do not then let me tell you, you need to kick it out of your home, use water filters, coming to the paints that you use to paint your walls use the ones with no volatile organic compounds or the ones which are low on VOC, when buying furniture go for the one with real wood inplace of partical boards and the last thing you can do is to install some nice air filters. 

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