Motichoor Rabdi Parfait

Desserts make me feel overwhelmed, deserts make me feel at home, these two sentences can easily express my love for deserts and henceforth I m here with the recipe of motichoor rabdi parfait

Ingredients you are going to require to make this fusion are-

  • Around four to five laddus of motichoor
  • Four cups full of fat yummy milk
  • Sugar ( two tablespoons or according to your preference )
  • A pinch of cardamom
  • For garnishing purpose pistachio and almond
  • you will even require a few saffrons too to garnish


  1. Before you start making this dessert let me tell you, you are going to need pan which has a thick bottom as you are making rabdi and if the pan has a thin bottom you can not use it for making rabdi
  2. Now take a pan and place it on your stove after placing it on the stove and add milk, after pouring milk allow it to boil, once the boiling is done reduce the level of heat, once the quantity of the milk is reduced and it appears thick start stirring it and do not stop, while stirring only add sugar and after adding sugar add cardamom and then mix for a while.
  3. Now as soon as you feel that it has reached the perfect quantity you need to turn off the flame and keep it aside so that it can come to the room temperature, now it’s time to arrange your glasses ( i personally either prefer shot glasses or small jars)
  4. Per glass, you need one motichoor laddu so what are you waiting for? Place one laddu in each of the glasses and after place push them to the end of the glass
  5. Now let me tell you per glass you need about two spoons full of rabdi and the rabdi needs to be placed on the top of the motichoor laddu
  6. and on the top of rabdi is the place for almonds, pistachio and saffron strands
  7. This is all with this recipe now lets some something with my personal favorite pineapple, thi8s recipe is going to be one of the best and easiest recipes you would have ever come across

let’s get ready not only to make it but to eat it

you only need Four things for it

One can of pineapple ( crushed one and make sure it is not drained it needs to have the juice in it). Pineapple is a must but the second thing is the pudding you need pudding of the flavor vanilla, some cherries and the last thing that you need for this easy and tasty dessert is topping which is going to be the whipped thawed (you will need about one full cup of it)

This is all with the ingredients you can easily find all three of these, now coming to the instructions

You need a bowl of medium size and in that bowl, you need to add the dry pudding mix and the canned pineapple, now you will understand why I mentioned above that it needs to be undrained, it needs to have the juice as here in the pudding mix we are not going to add milk or water we are going to mix pineapple and the instant pudding mix and after mixing you need to fill the glass with this mixture and after it on the top you need to place the topping with one cherry, whenever you are going to serve it before it Refrigerate it for about sixty minutes.

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