How To Make MCDonald’s Big Mac At Home 

First of all we are going to make the mac sauce, for it we would require a medium size bowl  

Once you are done arranging the perfect sized bowl add

  • relish ( one tablespoon),
  • vinegar ( two tablespoons and preferably white ),
  • pepper (white and just a pinch ),
  • mustard ( two tablespoons),
  • powder of onion ( about one and a half tablespoons ),
  • powder of garlic ( same as the onion powder)
  • Pimenton paprika ( preferably smoked, one and a half tablespoon)
  • and in the end, add mayonnaise about 300 grams. mix all the ingredients using a spoon. 

After mixing cover the bowl and place it in your refrigerator and take it out only when needed. 

As we are done with making the sauce lets move to the next step which is making the delicious patties. 

For making the patties we would require about  350 grams to 400 grams of minced beef, olive oil ( preferably extra virgin and about two tablespoons), buns ( preferably the seeded ones), chopped onions, cheese slices and sliced pickles. 

Now that we know what all we require let’s take a bowl add minced beef in it and then season it, after seasoning mix it well after mixing divide it into four ratios and after dividing make four balls of beef before making the balls do not forget to arrange for butter paper or baking paper as you require to place these beef balls on these papers so that when you are about to fry the beef patties you can easily place them on the pan.  

Take a pan and place it on your stove, turn your stove on and add some oil, after adding oil wait for it to heat up once the temperature of the oil is as required add the beef patty and cook it, once it is done flip it and cook the other side, repeat the same thing with the remaining patties. 

Once the patties are cooked take a pun and slice it into three equal halves after dividing place them on your pan and toast them a little after toasting you need to assemble your delicious burger 

For assembling take a plate and place the bottom of the bun on it after placing the bun spread some sauce that you made after spreading the sauce place some lettuce some onions and one slice of cheese after placing your cheese slice place your cooked beef patty and on the top of the patty place some sliced pickles on it.

Now it’s time to place the middle part of the bun repeat the same process the sauce, some onions, some lettuce, cheese slice, the patty and in the end spread some sauce on the top part of the bun and place it. 

That’s all your delicious burger is ready. 

After half an hour of eating this, you must go for a walk as we keep eating things which are not healthy for us just because they taste amazing as we can’t stop eating junk food but we can protect our bodies from falling sick by working out. 

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