The advantages of having an electric smoker

Large varieties of foods including salmon, pork or turkey are mainly cooked by the highly functional devices i.e. the smokers which are functional on different sources of fuel to accomplish their work. With the advancement in techniques recent the most popular method is electric smoker which can be used for both cold smokings (below 60degrees Fahrenheit) as well as traditional barbeque (around 225 degrees Fahrenheit). For a comparison of the top electric smokers on the market, read this comparison post. The electric smokers used nowadays are highly convenient because of their advanced automation service which includes scheduled cooking periods in which the smoke will turn off after the elapsed time and the person do not need to babysit the smoker all the time.

The major advantages of electric smokers over the traditional charcoal smokers include: portable and easy to start up and light up, the surface on which the food cooks are responsible for distributing the heat evenly, the maintenance of electric smokers is much easy and can be used inside the house, the person does not have to keep an eye constantly on the food all the times, it only required to set it up and the work is almost done, they are affordable and cheaper to use. Electric smokers only require turning them on and one of the main attractions of the electric smoker is no lighting, no fuel supply every hour, no messy ash to clean up which are required in the traditional smoking methods. While using the electric smoker there is no need to generate the flame for smoke production because the electric smokers only require coils for heat production which is advantageous in various ways when compared to traditional smokers. While using the electric smoker the person has not to hassle around for making a fire which is one of the important benefits of it, there is only need to plug in the unit and it is ready for producing smoke.

Electric smokers are very convenient and possess several advantages over traditional charcoal smokers. The biggest advantage of electric smokers is that they are more easy and convenient to use in comparison to traditional smokers. The person only needs to set the things up and then switch on the smoker and the temperature and time are adjusted to the required levels and then forget it getting back to one’s own business. The electric smoker will smoke the food properly and the smoker will shut it off when the food is cooked properly. This smart technology plays an essential role in making life easier. On the other hand, when the traditional charcoal smokers are taken into consideration they take a much longer time to smoke the food and the person have to regularly manage the flame and there is also a need to ensure that the units are at the required temperature. People think electric smokers are very expensive as they are very convenient and easy to use but this is not true as there are various cost-effective electric smokers in the market these days.

In comparison to these traditional smokers are very expensive as there is a constant requirement of charcoal for smoke production and it continuously requires one person to look after it for maintaining the constant airflow, temperature and flame, and constant monitoring and longer hours of cooking. Electric smokers are free from all these difficulties and do not require much time and effort as they only require a steady power source. Electric smokers are much more convenient and easy to use when compared to traditional charcoal smokers and have several advantages which make them much more convenient to use.…

How to make a Latte in your Keurig

Coffee has become arguably the most favourite beverage around the globe. There is nothing that compares to it in any way. Consequently, there have come up many recipes with coffee as the key ingredient. Latte is one of the most consumed coffee based beverages around the world. The only thing that makes a latte better is when it is brewed in a quality coffee maker. While many quality coffee makers have made an impact in the market, one that stands out is the Keurig coffee maker. The most celebrated fact of the Keurig coffee makers is that they are able to brew your favourite cups within seconds, which makes them our best coffee makers by keurig.

The most important ingredient of any coffee recipe is enthusiasm. If this ingredient prevails throughout the process, there is nothing that can spoil your coffee. Other ingredients come secondary.

Let us now discuss the recipe for a perfect Latte in a Keurig coffee maker. 

  1. The required time 

The Keurig coffee makers do not take a considerable time to brew coffee. The total time taken for this recipe depends solely on the pace with which you can carry the process out. In any case, the total time required should not exceed 15 minutes.  

  1. The ingredients that would be required 

There is a small list of ingredients that must be fulfilled in order to bring out the best in your latte. That list is discussed as under: 

  • A tablespoon of whipped cream 
  • A cup of milk 
  • A tablespoon of vanilla cream 
  • A k-cup of your favourite coffee 

When these ingredients are ready with your machine, you may proceed with the directions. 

  1. The instructions for brewing 

This recipe is easy to make. But, we recommend that you follow the instructions religiously to ensure that your coffee does not sway much from perfection. Here are the instructions: 

  • The first thing to do is to grab the k-cup and place it in its position. 
  • Having placed the pod, start the brew process with the small cup setting. 
  • The coffee should drip into the cup that has been placed in the position provided for it. 
  • Milk is the essence of a latte. Keep milk ready while the coffee brews.  
  • Now add milk to the cup to add the required creaminess to the latte. 
  • Creaminess can be enhanced with the help of the other ingredients. Vanilla cream is especially provided for this purpose. Add it for more creaminess. 
  • You may top the drink with the available whipped cream. 
  • Garnishing is a choice and can be done with the help of nutmeg. 

Thus, the all time favourite coffee is ready with your favourite ingredients. There is no particular time of day or year to savour a good cup of Latte, it is perfect at all times. In fact, you should never ignore the craving for a cup of Latte. 

Now that we have brought the recipe to you, there is no point in waiting for the right moment to start brewing it. Get up and switch the coffee maker on. Happy brewing! 

Motichoor Rabdi Parfait

Desserts make me feel overwhelmed, deserts make me feel at home, these two sentences can easily express my love for deserts and henceforth I m here with the recipe of motichoor rabdi parfait

Ingredients you are going to require to make this fusion are-

  • Around four to five laddus of motichoor
  • Four cups full of fat yummy milk
  • Sugar ( two tablespoons or according to your preference )
  • A pinch of cardamom
  • For garnishing purpose pistachio and almond
  • you will even require a few saffrons too to garnish


  1. Before you start making this dessert let me tell you, you are going to need pan which has a thick bottom as you are making rabdi and if the pan has a thin bottom you can not use it for making rabdi
  2. Now take a pan and place it on your stove after placing it on the stove and add milk, after pouring milk allow it to boil, once the boiling is done reduce the level of heat, once the quantity of the milk is reduced and it appears thick start stirring it and do not stop, while stirring only add sugar and after adding sugar add cardamom and then mix for a while.
  3. Now as soon as you feel that it has reached the perfect quantity you need to turn off the flame and keep it aside so that it can come to the room temperature, now it’s time to arrange your glasses ( i personally either prefer shot glasses or small jars)
  4. Per glass, you need one motichoor laddu so what are you waiting for? Place one laddu in each of the glasses and after place push them to the end of the glass
  5. Now let me tell you per glass you need about two spoons full of rabdi and the rabdi needs to be placed on the top of the motichoor laddu
  6. and on the top of rabdi is the place for almonds, pistachio and saffron strands
  7. This is all with this recipe now lets some something with my personal favorite pineapple, thi8s recipe is going to be one of the best and easiest recipes you would have ever come across

let’s get ready not only to make it but to eat it

you only need Four things for it

One can of pineapple ( crushed one and make sure it is not drained it needs to have the juice in it). Pineapple is a must but the second thing is the pudding you need pudding of the flavor vanilla, some cherries and the last thing that you need for this easy and tasty dessert is topping which is going to be the whipped thawed (you will need about one full cup of it)

This is all with the ingredients you can easily find all three of these, now coming to the instructions

You need a bowl of medium size and in that bowl, you need to add the dry pudding mix and the canned pineapple, now you will understand why I mentioned above that it needs to be undrained, it needs to have the juice as here in the pudding mix we are not going to add milk or water we are going to mix pineapple and the instant pudding mix and after mixing you need to fill the glass with this mixture and after it on the top you need to place the topping with one cherry, whenever you are going to serve it before it Refrigerate it for about sixty minutes.…

Fresh Garlic Potatoes

Hi, guys, this recipe is going to be one of the best recipes, let m tell you, you can use tamarind paste as well as syrup for this recipe, if using the syrup then you would require a half cup of water and the syrup ( about two tablespoons) 

Ingredients you would require, do not worry you can find each one of the ingredients in the nearby stores easily 

  • tamarind paste or syrup  ( paste and syrup both work amazingly now it depends on your choice that which one do you prefer) 
  • half a cup of water ( preferably filtered water( 
  • four to five potatoes ( i would suggest you use YUKON GOLD and it is totally up to you if you wish to peel them or not ) 
  • About two to four spoons of oil (preferably corn oil ) 
  • one sliced yellow medium sized onion ( tip- slice the onion thinly ) 
  • fresh minced ginger ( two teaspoons) 
  • Two minced cloves of garlic 
  • You can either use red dried pepper or ground cayenne ( this again is your choice if you are going with cayenne then you will need 1/8 teaspoon of it and if you are planning to go with red dried pepper then you will require the half of cayenne) 
  • Turmeric 
  • Cardamom 
  • crushed fennel (Tip do not forget you need to crush fennel only lightly so that they can easily release oil) 
  • Salt 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Pepper 

You will require all these ingredients to make your lovely dish but to garnish it, you need cilantro make use it is fresh and yogurt ( tip- do not use the thin one for this recipe is prefer thick yogurt) 

Now that we know what we are going to require let’s get ready for making this masterpiece, do not forget to wash your hands before starting. 


  • People who are using the paste need to add half a cup water in the paste and after about thirty minutes drain it whereas people using the syrup do not need to drain it. 
  • If you wish to peel the potatoes then you need to do it right now, after peeling wash them and then cut all of them in a half and you are not planning to peel them then wash them with the skin on and then cut them into a half.
  •  Now the actual cooking is going to start and for it, you require a skillet ( make sure that the skillet is large) once you find the right size of skillet place is on your stove and turn the heat on (medium level of heat ) and once the pan is heated add around three spoons of corn oil and allow it to heat, one the oil is at the optimal level add your gold potatoes and stir them, once they appear crisp, turn your stove off and transfer these crisp potatoes on a plate or in a bowl
  • It is time for us to cook the garlic and the ginger for it you again require one tablespoon of oil, turn your stove on add oil them garlic and ginger after sixty-seconds add red pepper flakes and if you want to add cayenne then add cayenne, turmeric, crushed fennel, pepper, cinnamon, cook for 120 seconds
  • Time to add the lovely crispy potatoes and after the potatoes add the liquid tamarind and after it add onions (Note you do not have to stir the onions, these crispy onions need not be stirred)
  • Use a lid to cover the skillet and if you see bubbles that is an indication to reduce the level of heat and after fifteen minutes of cooking add salt and turn off the heat. 
  • In the end, do not forget to Garnish.

How To Make Your Perfect Reading Spot In Your Home? 

Homes are incomplete with a corner which is cozy and quiet where one can enjoy his or her favorite hot beverage with her or his favorite book, if your home is also incomplete do not worry here are certain tips for you, to help you complete your home the main thing you need is a corner and the rest can be created. let’s get to work 

Light- light is very much important but not the artificial one I would suggest you find a corner where there is a window nearby as then you will be able to read in corner with light which is natural and natural things are always amazing in this matter sunlight which is the source of natural light gives you vitamin  D and vitamin D always helps in giving your mood a lovely boost. 

Seating arrangement- 

You need to go shopping for this or if you have any chair in your home which is comfortable you can use it, make sure whichever chair or ottoman you choose you must be able to relax, by relax I mean being able to straighten up your feet and back. 

Controlling temperature- 

Controlling temperature is very much important for a comfortable reading spot as if the temperature is too low you would not be able to read as you will keep feeling cold and if the temperature is too high then also you will not be able to read with all your heart so it is better to have a soft and nice blanket for the low temperature and for the high temperature your air conditioner is going to be more than enough 

 Artifical light- 

some people prefer reading in the daylight whereas some prefer reading in the evening for people wanting to read in the morning there is sunlight but what about the people who love reading in the evening?  For such people, there are different types of lamps available for instance table and floor lamps. 

Some special add-ups- To make a place special people do a lot of things in that same way you need to do, make sure there is always some space to keep some beautiful flowers and some candles for aroma, and there won’t be space where would you keep your glass of red wine? so for this, you can go for a little beautiful stool or table. 

 Let’s increase the level of comfort- 

Some people are very much fond of curling up in winter with a blanket and few pillows, now that we have already placed a comfy blanket let’s add some comfy and beautiful pillows too, the purpose of these pillows can be dual as they can be used to increase the level of comfort but as well as to add some color to the reading corner for instance if you are using everything in color white you can use light blue  covers with dark blue strips for your pillows and this would easily highlight your reading corner. 

That’s all for the reading comfy corner. 


Should You Use Air Detoxifyng Plants In Your Home? 

People feel safe in their homes but the truth is they are not as the pollutants in the air in your lovely homes are one of the biggest problems today, there are some changes which seem little but bring big changes 


Do you know what pollutes the air inside your homes? some of the products that you use for instance perfumes, fireplaces,  molds, cleaning detergents, pesticides, smoking, dust and much more. 

Now you seem a little too worried let’s not think too much and focus on some smalls changes that we can bring  to breathe without worrying and to bring these small changes you would require to ditch some products 

Now that we are talking about ditching lets start from ditching some fresheners that you use to make the smell go away. 

Throwing your freshener out of your home is one of the first baby steps there are some companies who provide a list of ingredients on their websites on the demand but they too do not tell about what all is used to create that fragrance and to let you know that’s where the danger starts from, dozens of harmful chemicals are use to create that amazing fragrance 

As per EPA these fresheners are full of petroleum-distillates, p-dichlorobenzene, formaldehyde, and a lot of aerosol-propellants 

Now you may question that why am I telling you about these ingredients then let me answer this to for us as these harmful chemicals which cause skin, throat, and eye irritations 

Now that you are ditching your freshener you still need something so that your home can have a soothing fragrance for it you can use some indoor plants even NASA states that indoor plants can reduce chemicals in the air, they say that the roots of the plants and the microorganisms that the plants have are on the paths to remove chemicals henceforth they can play a very important role in kicking the chemical out of your house. 

You can buy some plants like a lily, aloe vera, daisy (gerbera, florist) snake plant, mass cane and weeping fig 

All of these are amazing when it comes to reducing chemicals as it filters a lot of chemicals like benzene, trichloroethylene, toluene, xylene and brings a very nice fragrance to your home 

 Other than buying these plants you can follow some rules as well 

Some rules like keep all the shoes out, buy detergents which are unscented, reduce dry cleaning your clothes and if all your clothes need dry cleaning then go for the organic one, carpets are full of toxics henceforth now you know what you need to do with your carpet and if you do not then let me tell you, you need to kick it out of your home, use water filters, coming to the paints that you use to paint your walls use the ones with no volatile organic compounds or the ones which are low on VOC, when buying furniture go for the one with real wood inplace of partical boards and the last thing you can do is to install some nice air filters. 

How To Make MCDonald’s Big Mac At Home 

First of all we are going to make the mac sauce, for it we would require a medium size bowl  

Once you are done arranging the perfect sized bowl add

  • relish ( one tablespoon),
  • vinegar ( two tablespoons and preferably white ),
  • pepper (white and just a pinch ),
  • mustard ( two tablespoons),
  • powder of onion ( about one and a half tablespoons ),
  • powder of garlic ( same as the onion powder)
  • Pimenton paprika ( preferably smoked, one and a half tablespoon)
  • and in the end, add mayonnaise about 300 grams. mix all the ingredients using a spoon. 

After mixing cover the bowl and place it in your refrigerator and take it out only when needed. 

As we are done with making the sauce lets move to the next step which is making the delicious patties. 

For making the patties we would require about  350 grams to 400 grams of minced beef, olive oil ( preferably extra virgin and about two tablespoons), buns ( preferably the seeded ones), chopped onions, cheese slices and sliced pickles. 

Now that we know what all we require let’s take a bowl add minced beef in it and then season it, after seasoning mix it well after mixing divide it into four ratios and after dividing make four balls of beef before making the balls do not forget to arrange for butter paper or baking paper as you require to place these beef balls on these papers so that when you are about to fry the beef patties you can easily place them on the pan.  

Take a pan and place it on your stove, turn your stove on and add some oil, after adding oil wait for it to heat up once the temperature of the oil is as required add the beef patty and cook it, once it is done flip it and cook the other side, repeat the same thing with the remaining patties. 

Once the patties are cooked take a pun and slice it into three equal halves after dividing place them on your pan and toast them a little after toasting you need to assemble your delicious burger 

For assembling take a plate and place the bottom of the bun on it after placing the bun spread some sauce that you made after spreading the sauce place some lettuce some onions and one slice of cheese after placing your cheese slice place your cooked beef patty and on the top of the patty place some sliced pickles on it.

Now it’s time to place the middle part of the bun repeat the same process the sauce, some onions, some lettuce, cheese slice, the patty and in the end spread some sauce on the top part of the bun and place it. 

That’s all your delicious burger is ready. 

After half an hour of eating this, you must go for a walk as we keep eating things which are not healthy for us just because they taste amazing as we can’t stop eating junk food but we can protect our bodies from falling sick by working out.